Hi and welcome to Maximum Lash Studio! I hope that you have enjoyed the lash gallery where you observed work performed by a Maximum Lash Studio stylist. I enjoy creating these amazingly beautiful Semi-Permanent eyelash extensions sets and tailoring them to each client's lifestyle and preference.

Ladies are your natural lashes blonde? If so would you like to enjoy the freedom of taking a break from daily mascara? These eyelash extensions give women the ability to live a lifestyle where most women discover that they either no longer need to apply makeup, or at the most, very little. They are able to do hard sweaty workouts, enjoy hot yoga, saunas, and get in the pool!


        These eyelash extensions are great even for women like myself who only like to wear a little makeup every now and then.  When I wear my eyelash extensions(like now lol!), my beauty routine is wash my face, brush my teeth, gloss my lips and I look amazing.  They also look spectacular on women who do enjoy that added wow factor of makeup and eyelash extension combination. 

        Lash extensions are great for weddings, honeymoons, and vacations.  It is my sincere hope that you have thoroughly enjoyed my lash gallery of my actual clients who are everyday women just like you and I.   

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What are eyelash extensions?

They are a semi-permanent individual synthetic lashes that are curved to replicate your own natural lash.  

 2. How do you apply them?

These extensions are applied to each suitable lash to enhance your natural beauty.  

3. How long do they last? 

Each of your individual natural lashes go through a growth cycle, just like the hair on your head.  When it is time for your natural lash to fall out, your extension goes with it. 

4. How often should I get my lashes filled in? 

I recommend every 2-3 weeks if you love that full look. 

5. Does it hurt?

No, not at all.  Most clients actually sleep during most of the service. 


***Always show up at least 15 mins. before time for your first lash care appointment to complete your lash forms. 

***Always show up with no eye makeup, as it helps your lashes to stay adhered longer. 

***Always remember to remove contacts and wear your glasses for your lash appointments.

Please try to book your appointment at least one week in advance as I do book up quickly.  This will help to avoid being placed on our waiting list.  Also, please give at least a 24 hour notice of cancellation to avoid being charged a cancellation fee, of half the cost of your lash care service for cancellation. 


Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions   Classic & Volume Eyelash Extensions

The process of applying one mink lash on one of your natural lashes.  We offer four different options of classic eyelash extensions to choose from depending upon desired lash thickness.  Now also offering New Volume Eyelash Extensions for those of you with naturally thin  natural eyelashes looking to achieve a very natural yet thicher and fuller lash look.

Microblading What to Expect From Start To Finish?​

What's New?  Microblading!​

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a manual method that's similar to a tattoo or a henna.  Where a hand held tool with tiny needles attached are used with pigment ink to make simulated hair strokes into the skin of the eyebrow area.  To give your eyebrows a thicker & fuller look.  This is a semi permanent procedure that uses extremely sharp needles positioned in away that resembles & operates much like a blade. 

What To Know Before You Book:

  •  Those with the following conditions can't and shouldn't be worked on: Hives, Chickenpox, Eczema, Rosacea, Seborreic, Dermatitis, Warts, Skin Cancer, Impetigo, Vitiligo, Skin that Keloids, Sunburned Skin, If you are Pregnant or Breastfeeding, HIV, Aids, Hepatatis, Psoriasis on you eyebrows, Moles, or birthmarks on the brows, Open Wound, Red or white raised bumps, rashes, Scaley Rough Skin, Nickel Allery (blade), taking Blood Thinners, Botox within the last 4 weeks, Acccutane within the last year, Severe acne suffers, Acne in the brows, Anyone with conditions that causes them to bleed easily. If you suffer from Scarring, Trichotillomania, Alopecia, Cancer, or other diseases and disorders that have led to natural hair loss you need a Dr. excuse. 

  • As awesome as this service is there are a number of factors that can affect how well your skin will retain the pigment.  Such as anemia, oily skin, and thyroid conditions can all affect the way that the pigmented color heals under your skin.  These conditions can affect your results as it relates to how well your skin retain pigment making your healed results less predictable.  Sometimes numbing the brow area before microblading causes you to loose between 50%-70% of your pigment.  Verses the 10%-15% of pigment lose that is experienced by those who choose not to be numbed.  

Appointment process consists of consultation, reading, and signing consent forms, cleaning and numbing skin, before and after photos, measuring and assessing.  Making different facial expression in front of the mirror.  To see how your face will look as you make different facial expressions.  Then we will proceed with the microblading process.  Don't forget to bring your ear buds to be able to relax and enjoy music of your choosing.  After the procedure your eyebrows will usually become darker,  they will probably appear to be too thick as well.  However just trust the process; your brows will lighten up and the swelling will go down.  

What To Expect during Post Care

  • After your microblading process completed, your eyebrows will appear very dark or perhaps maybe even too thick.  The scabs from your microblading will fall off 10-14 days after the procedure and the swelling will go down usually within a few hours to a day or so.   When choosing a pigmented shade for my clients I usually go a little dark. I tend to numb all clients before we begin the procedure. Numbing causes clients to experience more fading so the precautions I use are to ensure:
  1.           My clients are comfortable during the microblading process
  2.           My clients get the shade of microblading color results that they desire

Post Care

  • No sweating in the eyebrow area
  • Do not wash your eyebrows until all scabs have peeled and healed
  • Allow them to totally heal/peel on their own
  • No scratching, picking, or touching at scabs
Leave the brows alone and trust the process. Remember it takes approximately 4-8 weeks to determine how well your brows have received the pigments. Rather or not you would like to soften the shade up by lightening up your second service application. 
  • Do not touch the healing pigmented area with your fingers. They may have bacteria on them that could create an infection.
  • Within the next 10 days, your brows will go through a process where they will heal, peel, and fade.
  • No bangs or swoops that touch the brow area for at least the first 10 days after the procedures.
During your healing process your new temporary eyebrows will go through several phases during the healing cycle. Initially your brow area may seem too large and red, however don't be alarmed, it is natural for your brow area to be red and swollen. It will calm down in a day or so. It's also natural for the pigmented brow strokes to appear very sharp and very dark immediately after your procedure. Just remain calm, the color will lighten up over the next week or so, no worries.

It is common for clients to experience these thoughts while going through their healing phases:

  • Day 1: "OMG! I am in love with my new brows!! Thank you!
  • Day 2-4:"I don't like this color, it's too dark.
  • Day 5-7:"Oh, no! My brows are gone!"
  • Day 8-10: "WTF?! My brows are scabbing and falling off."
  • Day 14-28: "Thank God my brows are coming back! Still looking patchy and uneven though."
  • Day 42: (After touch up): Awww, they're beautiful!!! I love them! Thanks again!
Some of your brow strokes will disappear only to reappear 2-3 weeks later. You may even lose 10-15% of your strokes. We will replace them during your next appointment. Your area will become itchy, but don't scratch.

Fading almost to the point of it appearing to have disappeared is normal. It takes roughly 4-6 weeks to see the final healed results. Which at that point you will need to be scheduled to have your top up appointment where we can both assess the retention and make the necessary modifications. Eyebrow Embroidery/Microblading tends to look very crisp immediately after, but as it heals it tends to become somewhat blended.




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