Hi and welcome to Maximum Lash Studio Now offering: Classic Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions, Volume Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions. I hope that you have enjoyed the lash gallery where you observed work performed by myself a Maximum Lash Studio stylist. I have enjoyed creating these amazingly beautiful Classic Semi-Permanent  Eyelash Extension Sets and tailoring them to each client's lifestyle, preference, and specifications.  For more photos of my work please check me out on Yelp!

Ladies are your natural lashes blonde? If so would you like to enjoy the freedom of taking a break from daily mascara? These Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extension Sets give women the ability to live a lifestyle where most women discover that they either no longer need to apply makeup, or at the most, very little. They are able to do hard sweaty workouts, enjoy hot yoga, saunas, and get in the pool!


        These eyelash extensions are great even for women like myself who only like to wear a little makeup every now and then.  When I wear my eyelash extensions (like now lol!), my beauty routine is wash my face, brush my teeth, gloss my lips and I look amazing.  They also look spectacular on women who do enjoy that added wow factor of makeup and eyelash extension combination. 

        Lash extensions are great for weddings, honeymoons, and vacations.  It is my sincere hope that you have thoroughly enjoyed the lash gallery of my actual clients who busy everyday on the go women just like you and I. For more photos of my Eyelash Extensions. I'm a self proclaimed woman of many talents, perhaps even maybe a little bit of a perfectionist. I take pride in my ability to visually transformation others and perhaps even raising confidence, self-esteem and taking years off your appearance, and save you a lot of time getting ready!


Frequently Asked Questions

1.What are eyelash extensions?

They are a semi-permanent individual synthetic lashes that are curved to replicate your own natural lash.  

 2. How do you apply them?

These extensions are applied to each suitable lash to enhance your natural beauty.  

3. How long do they last? 

Each of your individual natural lashes go through a growth cycle, just like the hair on your head.  When it is time for your natural lash to fall out, your extension goes with it. 

4. How often should I get my lashes filled in? 

I recommend every 2-3 weeks if you love that full look. 

5. Does it hurt?

No not at all, most clients actually fall sleep during their lash care service.


                   ***Please be on time for your lash care appointments. As you will be charged half price for no shows and we are not responsible for time lost due to your tardiness. 

***Always show up with no eye makeup, as it helps your lashes to stay adhered longer.


***Always remember to remove contacts and wear your glasses for your lash appointments.                                                                                                                                                                        ***Please be advised that if you schedule an appointment and do not show up for it you will be charged half price for your no show appointment space. By booking with me it is your way of acknowledgement of this rule, no exceptions. Thanks in advance for your understanding Tonya of Maximum Lash Studio.

Please try to book your appointment at least one week in advance as I do book up quickly.  This will help to avoid being placed on our waiting list.  Also, please give at least a 24 hour notice of cancellation to avoid being charged a cancellation fee, of half the cost of your lash care service for cancellation. 


Classic Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions:

The process of applying one faux mink eyelash extension onto one of your natural lashes.  We offer faux mink to avoid allergic reactions to mink extensions.  Our regular prices ranging from $250-$375 for 1hour for a Full Set of Classic Eyelash Extensions.  Fill In range from $65 for 7 days or less on a Classic Lash Fill.  Up to $105 for your 4th week Classic Lash Fill Appointment, We also offer:

Volume Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extension Full S​et:

This is an excellent service for those with naturally thin and sparse looking natural lashes to help achieve a naturally thicker and fuller undetectable lash look.  The process of adding several tiny lashes to one of your own natural lashes. To create the most natural lash look with a nearly weightless naturally fuller looking lash line. For those of you with naturally thin, or even sparse  natural eyelashes, looking to achieve a very natural yet much thicker, healthy and fuller lash look than what you naturally have, this is the perfect lash look! Volume Full Set- $350 ​This lash look can be maintained by getting a Fill service approximately once every 2-3 weeks or so. Volume Lash Fill- $115 ​once every 2-4 weeks.

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Are you still not sure rather or not these lashes are safe?  Are you asking yourself is this the right choice for you? Click the link below.

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Please text to request an appointment I will respond as soon as I can.  Please be advised that I will need your credit card info. to book the appointment.  Also I will not be responsible for time lost during your appointment due to your tardiness so please be on time.  You will be charged half price for no shows. You have 24 hours before your appointment day and time to cancel free of charge.  By requesting to book your appointment shows your agreement to these terms and conditions listed on this website.

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